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-NPC- Sanya Nemuel by Ametyr
-NPC- Sanya Nemuel

Name: Sanya Nemuel
Year of the Tiger, month of the Horse, day; -8=2-x
The bull and the willow
172 cm
Appears as about 70 kg but is really far less (on a quite unhealthy level)


shéng biāo (/Rope-dart)
-Some just plain crazy ninja-skills
-Mindreading; he can always tell what you're up to (although he's always more intersted in why you act the way you do, and has never had any qualms about digging up people's deepest hidden secrets)


Sanya pretty much looks like something from a cartoon, with his bluegreen and red hair, and clothes you wouldn't reccomend anyone who wanted to keep some dignity to wear. But it's usually a good distraction when people try to fight you.

The Gryffindor-scarf is ever-present, somehow somewhere, no matter what he might change into.

[[Honestly, his clothes is nothing but a joke; I looked up online what people seemed to like to dress up their supeheroines and female ninjas in, and then just put them on a boy instead! ^^]]


By now Sanya is flimsical to say the least, and as time passes by he makes less and less sense to the ones he encounter. He is skippy, giddy happy, and seems to be on a drunk sugar-hig 90% of the time. He loves all kinds of (non-painful) affection, jokes, and is unable to stay focused on anyhting just half-intersting for more than a few seconds.


+Being up and active

+Hugs and snuggles and attention

+His boyfriend, whom he never adresses with anything but the nickname Snufkin (and who most likely doesn't even know where he is right now)

-Words like “No” or “Stop”

-Admitting defeat

-Reality creeping up

-Being ignored/forgotten

Being born in the US as the 4th child in the line Sanya was homeschooled just like his siblings; by the ninja-clan of Florida (who all never really have any roots in Asia whatsoever, but they won't admit that), into yet another obedient little soldier who'd fight the enemies of the clan, bring honor to his family and so on and so forth. Luckily the clan actaully had a smart leader (others were not so lucky), who decided that instead of just being powerhungry moneygrabbers they could actually use what they had for the benefit of all.

The downfall of Sanya came when he set out to fight a witch, and ended up underestimating her. He was hit by a spell that sent him into a coma, and as nobdy has yet figured out how to break the spell, or find the witch so she can lift it, he has remained so for the past 6 years.

At the moment he is too weak to reach out with any normal use of telepathy, but as time went by he used an old trick of his father (and has now mastered it to the point of perfection); dreamwalking. With his body trapped asleep but his mind still active he skips between peoples' minds as they drift off to sleep (and thus have their minds protective walls down), and play around in their minds. Sometimes he interacts with the dreamer, other times he sits down to watch, and once in a while he uses the dream to dig deeper and slip beyond it and reach the secrets of the subconchious.

He has in the past found some really interesting secrets, but has never really been able to report it to anyone; as people forget 95% of their dreams they usually never remember that ehy saw him, much less what he told them. So far he has only encountered a few who he has actually met in real life (his radius of how far away his telepathy can reach isn't that enourmous), and none of them remembered enough to ever locate him in the real world.

So, as far as anyone knows today Sanya Nemuel has gone missing in action and is presumed dead.


At the moment he has nothing but the hospital-clothes he's wearing, and the outfit with wepaons that was found on/with him.


-Funny fact is that since Sanya only sees people from inside their own minds, he only ever see them as they view themselves, and to them he only appear as he remembers himself

-Sanya himself is unaware of how long time that has actually passed, but would guess a few weeks...? And he wouldn't like the truth, that's for sure... But at least thanks to the people falling asleep on their shifts he has a fair aidea of where he (physically) is

-As the years has passed natrually his body has deteriorated, and today he is nothing but skin and bones (lying still and only being fed by drip for years does that to you), and if he were ver to wake up he'd most likely be pretty much unable to move

-Living in nothing but a dreamworld for quite a while has had a serious effect on his sense and logic.

-As his body is in such a weak state Sanya's sould has taken a habit to wander off, and has thereby increased the range of the telepathy (but he knows better than to run off too far or for too long; even a nutcase has a survivalinstingt)

-Using his telepathy he can manipulate the dream around himself, but due to previously mentioned lack of sanity this usually only serves to make himself laugh and the dreamer to wonder about his/her own mind.

A Monster or a Beast by Ametyr
A Monster or a Beast
okay, so this is for the Disney-characters. I couldn't really think of any other way to do it, because no matter how you try to draw the Beast he will always look just like a beast and not the least like your character ^^' (and it is the beast and not the prince that is the interesting character, admit that)
So I made Timor litterally dress up as him ^^
Timor Reaper app by Ametyr
Timor Reaper app

((and I'm still asking for a bit of help with this one, which is closely related to this character, <a wytiwyg="1" href="…>which would be his partner</a>
for the group :iconreapers-rebellion:

Name; Timor Testa Tenebris
Age: 26
Gender: M
Birthday: 14
th of Fabruary
Zodiac: Aquarius, a Rowan in the celtic zodiac, an otter in the native amarican zodiac, and born in the Snow Moon sign.
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 95 kg

Race: Human
Rank: private
Unit: Assassins

-Nethermancer magic, wich is basically shadow-manipulation, fear and draining of energy.
-A spiked chain for close combat.

Timor had the misfortune of being born with a perfect look for his future profession (and not as perfect for his personality). Long dark hair that he keeps in a ponytail and deep eyes, along with a pale complexion and a slim body always made him looked a bit odd as a child (except on Halloween). His older brother Ater could, with a handsome face and dark eyes, pull off the look of a mysterious but interesting dark stranger. Timor on the other hand seemed to leave everyone with an eerie feeling and most would keep a distancce from him.
He enjoys dressing in dark colours, and has kept the same long coat for years.

Timor is a calm person with a sarcastic humor, who might appear serious and cold, but those who know him (which are few) knows he is just reserved on the border of being shy, and saves his affections to those he finds deserves them. He is perfectly happy with only one or two friends, and then keep the rest of the world at a distance.
He lives by the old saying Memento Mori (“Remember that you will die”), and thus intend to live his life the way he likes it. Which is why he rarely does anything he doesn't feel up to; why waste time on that?

+His cousin and brother (the only ones he count as family)
+Shadows and shades
+Evenings and mornings
+Calm and silence

-Sunny warm days
-Dirt and filth
-”Normal” humans

Born into a family who had for a long time practiced magic commonly shrouded in shadows there was no real wonder why Timor would learn such a thing, or where he found the books describing the art of pure shadow-manipulation.

Being the younger of two brothers, born five years after the first son Ater, Timor soon grown acustomed to stand in his brother's shadow. Ater was clever, kind and what many would concider a prodigy, with only one small flaw; he had no interest whatsoever in magic. The whole family, including Timor, loved him, even if some realives would wonder why he never bothered with more than the basics of fire-magic.

Timor on the other hand found that he did not only possess an interest in the arcane manipulation of the world, he had quite a skill for it. And thus he would learn. When his older brother learend how to physically fight he wanted to follow, if nothing else but for being like him, but he never got to the same level as Ater.

As the family lived in an otherwise quite normal suburban neighbourhood such a thing as practicing too obvious magic was forbidden by their grandparents, who didn't want any suspishion or harm to fall onto their daughter or grandchidren. Ater despised those rules, even if he could see the reasoning behind it, and he soon transferred this point of view to his brother. As he explained when Timor was six;
“Magic might not be everything that you are, but to be forced to hide away any part of yourself, anything at all, just because other people are to narrowminded to understand and accept it, is just wrong.”

It took a few years for Timor to start asking his mother and brother where their father had gone, but he would always get the simple of “Away”, and that would be it. Not until he was eight did his older brother take him to the side and explain that they had not had a father for a long time. That he had just left them years before, and was now dead. Timor, who barely rememberd the man's face, calmly listened to the story of his death, and let that be it.

When he reached the age of seven Timor and Ater were presented with a foster-cousin, a vulture-lycan adopted by their aunt. Joined in the admiration of the oldest boy and the lack of others their age the newcommer and Timor soon grew very close.

While Timor's older brother had quite a strong will and a mind of his own, the boys' mother was a softhearted and never wanted to make any big scenes. Therefor it didn't take long until Ater had become a stronger influence on the two younger boys. As he grew older his manipulative skills and charisma had grown with him, just as his ambition. And still looking up to his older brother Timor supported him, and did what he could to help.

When Timor was fifteen their mother passed away from an illness, and Ater was all he had left. Being a responsible older brother the young man brought the boy along when he left the home that no longer had anything but memories for the two of them. At the request of his brother Ater spoke to his aunt and brought their cousin along as well. Travelling and teaching the boys everything he knew that he could see as useful Ater had soon brought them to one of the larger cities of the Shadowfell; Marrimba Necrohold. There the boys could study, fool around, learn and finally get to know people of their own kind; no ignorant humans and 'normal' people would ever enter this realm.

While in this city Ater gained some friends of his own, and soon seemed to have some kind of goal with where his life was going. When he was leaving the city he asked the two boys to come along with him and help him, and Timor didn't waste any time to comply.

Returning to the world of the mortals Ater began to set his plans into motion, with the help of his new friends and little brother. The two younger boys had soon started to earn a reputation of their own, separate from the one leading them;
People would notice a shadow of a gigantic bird of death, followed by a black shadow in the shape of a man, appearing in different places but always with the same outcome, as if the sight of them both was a bad omen. Whereever they went, death followed in their tracks. And odd deaths it was, since they seemed to carry no connections and most seemed to be carried out with weapons unkown to mankind. Some even seemed to have been scared to death...

In the end these little 'incindents' caught the eye of someone who knew a bit more of the world, someone who decided to go find this shadow and its pet. And when one knows the working of the underworld and its supernatrual part, it turned out to be fairly easy.
When offered a new place to stay, a new employment under a new leadership Timor at first hesitated. But as he was given time to think and had time to contact his brother, who advised him to go, stay there and wait for further instructions, he went along with it.

-A familyalbum he brought with him without telling Ater when they left home. The pictures in it is his only way of remembering what is father looked like
-An amulet with a glowing purple core given to him by Ater. It would give him an increase of magical power as it helped him focus it, which served the older bother's purposes. (Nowdays Timor tends to get into trouble when he loses it, since he has grown so used to have it)
-A dreamcatcher with feathers from his foster-cousin
-A bullet-proof vest given to him by his bother when he first started going on 'missions' for him.

-His full name was actually supposed to be Timent Testa Tenebrarum (Fear the Shard of Darkness) but his father was too drunk when signing the papers and couldn't remember how to write latin properly, and ended up with the simple three words for Fear Shard and Darkness.
This has given him a different last-name from his mother and brother, who both spelled theirs Tenebrarum (the boys were given their mother's name since they both looked so much like her the father began to doubt that they were his).
-Timor's trust in his bother is absolute, and he would follow him anywhere. He would obey him at anything, knowing he was in the right no matter what.
-When he's too stressed, or upset, he likes to smoke. But he's not addicted, no. No, no, no. No! No, okay? No. Not.
-He's had a crush on his foster-cousin for years, but never uttered a word about it; he would never risk their friendship or the lycan's comfort in his presence.
-The boys' mother's name was Amaya, and their father's Idolon
-When nobody else is around Timor quite enjoys watching movies or read novels that will upset him, preferrbly to the point of tears, just so he can assure himself that he's still human.
-Ever since his bother used their own mother to describe weak people and how they are different and pretty much a useles nuisance, Timor has had little to no respect for life. It's an existence within a time-limit, and some people the world is just better off without.
-Having taken Ater's comment on not hiding his magic to heart Timor never denys any part of himself, or try to hide it from others.
-After practicing too much with a skilled brother he has developed a far better defence than any offence. In close combat he will therefor prefer to simply use nimble moves to gain a distance and then keep it that way.
-In order to carry out the tasks Ater puts on him Timor was pretty much forced to learn how to climb buildings and get about without being noticed or leave traces like fingerprints or getting registered on securitycameras. After all, to stay rihgt outside a window is the best way to get close enough to a target without actually being inside the room.

-The theme-song of this pair;…

Regarding Nethermancer-magic;
Following has been written on the subject of nethermancy (and is thus not not my own creation);
Nethermancy is the magic of darkness. A skilled nethermancer can draw shadowstuff from the Shadowfell and mold it into whatever form he or she likes. A nethermancer might use shadow energy to drain a creature’s strength and vitality, shroud the battlefield in darkness or summon a flailing monstrosity made from solid shadow into his or her enemies’ midst. Nethermancy lets you command shadow magic in its purest and possibly even deadliest form, shaping it to whatever ends you can imagine.

The nethermancer’s methods were devised when renegade wizards fled to the Shadowfell long ago and delved into the plane’s secrets and the malign influence found there. These original nethermancers identified shadow magic as the impetus for the Shadowfell’s creation. The strength of shadow magic derives from the dark stuff that the primordials rejected when they first gave form to substance. Nethermancers focus their efforts on extricating shadow from various environments, then blending it with arcane forces to create magical effects.

Among other manifestations, such spells excite or dull the senses, spin creatures from raw shadow, and punch holes through reality to allow swift passage.

Nethermancy is the magic of darkness, and its powers involve magnifying fears, creating and manipulating darkness, and forming it into monstrous forms.


Timor's skill in magic;
Not being a prodigy like his brother Timor had to study and practice his way to the magic he knows today, and as he lived his first years in a human community where he was never to let anyone know what he could do he did not have that many chances to train and harness his ability. Therefor he is most skilled with pure shadow-manipulation, and has only recently begun to dwell into things like summoning creatures of the dark and play with people's minds (though it is tricky to find anyone to practice on. So he has taken up experementing on those who would have been his victims anyway when his bother sends him out on 'missions'.) So far the most useful thing he has learned is how to steal energy from others, and he should be able to do it to the point of the other's death (but that would take at least 15 minutes of unbroken concentration on a normal, healthy target).
The amulet his bother gave to him once he could be useful enough has however made it a bit hard for him to start at beginner-level with anything; Timor is unaware of that the glowing trinket summons too much arcane magic and makes it hard for him to control it perfectly (and he ends up making major mistakes during his experiments, like scaring people to death or give them permanent pshycological damage).

When manipulating shadows he will turn the darkness itself into a physical form (and thus the object casting the shadow itself will not be affected). Direct sunlight weakens this power sevearly, as it makes it much harder to keep the shadow where there should be none. Timor prefers to not waste energy on such things, and thus only operates when the sun is gone, either on stormy days or after dusk. Total darkness does not stop him, but is rather when he at his peak of power, even if no shadows are distingtive in all the black. (Since there is no light, he doesn't have to waste energy on keeping the shadow-forms he create.)

After all his training with Ater, Timor can now create simple forms of shadows reaching up to 15 meters away (this will usually be spikes or blades, or if he has seen the original, shadow-keys), but these will have to be tied to a physical shadow and can never reach more than 4 meters from its origin.
A shadow free from its source, as a shape of darkness floating freely, can never reach a size larger 2 cubic-dm, and never travel further than 5 meters away from Timor, or he will lose control of its shape and it will evaporte into nothing.
During the night Timor's shadows are strong, and shapes created close to him can be so massive that he can stand on them. Nights without a moon he has experimented with creating wings for himself strong enough to help him glide on windcurrents (but to make them complicated and large enough to fly with is still beyond his power).

If he is short on time and no other method seems to work Timor can blend his own mind into the shadows and watch from anywhere within his 15 meter radius, and then manipulate shadows from there. But this leaves his body all unprotected, as if in a coma, and he will need someone to look after it; he won't know what happened to it when he returns. This method is a last resort since it, even with an amulet, drains him entirely for the next 12 hours and gives him quite a headache for the rest of the night.

That night the empty corridors were full of forms of fear
and up and down
the irontown
stole feet we could not hear.
And through the bars
that hide the stars
white faces seem to peer...

Tutorials and reference
Because I used a lot...
face shading tutorial

body shade tutorial

second body tutorial

lips tutorial

male anatomy tutorial

pose reference
eye tutorial

metal tutorial (for the belts)

boot tutorial

boot reference and inspiration

boot reference and inspiration 2

jacket reference

sweater reference

pants reference

awesome hair-tutorial

(and I did use the manga Loveless for ideas to hair and head-pose)

Approaching the door leading to her office Ciomny couldn't help but to feel a bit disappointed with himself. But wasn't it better to admitt your own weakness and work from there than to keep on trying and get broken by the effort? Surely it was... And so he didn't even hesitate before knocking softly.

But noone answered. Slowly opening the door and peeking inside the lycan realized that the room was empty. Stepping inside he looked around one more time, but nothing, not even traps, moved in the office.

With a sigh he left the note on the desk. It would sure be better to have met his genereal face to face, but right now he just couldn't wait to get away. He just hoped it would be enough for now.

Leaving the office the young healer went back to his room to check his bags one more time. Left amongst the other papers on the desk lay a resignation-note, carefully and properly filled out with the same handwriting as the one on the letter next to it;

To General Zea Eris

I apologize to leave on such a short notice, and I am quite sure that I'm breaking one or two laws by going through with it. I just hope you will eventually forgive me for it, even if I only have one sort of excuse for it;

I simply can not stay here any longer.

That's it I'm afraid. But after what happened at the Tower, in that tournament, I have compleatly lost faith in where this is going. And I can not bring myself to continue to aid in this group's cause. Because I do not even know what it is anymore.

I joined at first, believeing it was for a greater good. That fighting demons would eventually lead to a better world, and that we all were doing what we could to help the human kind. But looking back at what has happened I'm growing more and more assured that this is no longer true. A military group that at first joined ranks and brought down everyhting from necromantic armies to the monster of Hell itself, what has it become? A gathering of people who now are just as happy to battle each other to the death?

I am not without guilt, nor do I claim to be. But right now I am so ashamed of my own actions I can not bear to look anyone I meet here in the eye anymore. I am a healer, I am supposed to help them survive. Bring them back to life, no matter what mad ideas they get on the battlefield. But that didn't stop me from attempting, and succeding, with killing not one but two of my own people. The ones on my own side. And for what? Nothing, in the end. And right after that we all go here, playing vacation as if nothing has happened.

It does not matter that they came back, perfectly fine, two seconds after the battle, not to me. Because I hurt them, with the full intent to do so. I killed them, you can not deny that. And the very thought of it makes me sick with myself. I'm disgusted by the idea of what exists within my own mind, and until I once again can even see myself in a mirror, I'm afraid I have to leave. Until I can once again beleive that we are here for some other reason than to play around and hurt each other I can not stay.

I hope this explains enough of my simple and only reason for taking my leave so suddenly, and I once again apologise for the short notice and the inconvenicene that I might have caused you. (though honestly, if you guys stop hurting each other, I doubt you will need any healers anymore. Because that is all wa do lately. And that is not helping anyone.)

Yours Sincerest, Ciomny Timotei

Bags all packed and ready by the door, ticket back to what he maybe would call home payed and ready, the panda-lycan nodded to himself. All set and done.

Now he just had to find that girl, Shiva, and apologize. Then he could be on his way.
notes and apologies
So Ciomny is going on a hiatus, since after everything that went on in the tournament he's probably going to need therapy. Never thought he'd feel that guilty about it, but that's what you get for being a soft-hearted panda.
Hiya all!

I was kind of hoping someone out there would be up for helping me out a bit on a project I'm working on. You see, a while ago I got an idea to try out making a shared background for two characters, instead of just having everyone drop in one by one. But to play a pair all by yourself isn't really much fun, now is it? no...
Basically I'm looking for someone willing to take up the role as the second part of this pair; two people who grew up together and who worked as a team before they even heard of the Reapers. (no, no romance involved, I won't force that on you)
from my experience this is a quite fun thing to do, as it gives the character quite new ways to develop, different motivations, and a backstory that still affects them today in a quite litteral sense. Not to mention they actaully know someone right away.

Sorry to say I've already got a bit of a clear idea what I'd like them to be; a human and a lycan. So if there's anyone out there willing to take up the role as a vulture-lycan, and be up for creating a backstory together with mine, just comment or note me and we'll see where this project goes

Need a little help (Reapers only)
there, hope there's anyone out there who think this sounds fun...

Oh yeah, I do have the basics of the background set, but you can of course bring opinions and your own ideas to it (after all, this will be two characters, meaning two perspectives on the same thing)


Who am I? Should I know? maybe...

I'm boring.
I enjoy reading, painting and to roleply more than I like shopping (if it's not books/manga), partying, drinking, meet new people...
All in all; I'm not normal; not for a nerd, not for a geek, nor for an emo; I don't fit in any category...

I am Leo, a Snake of the Earth, a salmon, and my tarot-card is Jugement. I am the Sprit of the Primal Fire. My sin is Envy

I exist, and that probably won't change... not too soon at least...
So I'll listen to my music, I'll paint, and I'll live on, at least for now...

Let that be it, and please don't judge me only on this. I'm still human, and to be honset I'm too everchanging and complicated to fit in words...
I don't really know who I am, or what, and I doubt I want to find out...

(apparently I'm a pony)
My Little Pony Personality Test!
My Little Pony Personality Test!
Hosted By Anime
  • Listening to: Nageki no more- music box
  • Reading: stuff I shouldn&#039;t
Hush little baby, don't you cry.
Life's a bitch, and then you die.

Man, I love these kind of poems and odd quotes!! ^^
Let's see, what more do we have...

What Man doesn't understand Man fears.
What Man fears, Man destroys.

Why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars, but check when you say the paint is wet?

Knowledge is power.
Power corrupts.
Study hard,
Be evil

Mirror mirror, you see
who's reflecting me?

The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four people is suffering from a mental illness. Look at your 3 best friends. If they're ok, then it's you.

"I love you" is eight letters...
So is "Bullshit"

We kill people who kill people to show killing people is wrong?

Your face is white, your blood is red;
don't look in the closethe's under your bed!

there ^^ my fun of the day.
Ne, any of you who read this who has something to add to my quote-collection?

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